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Atlas is here to help you bring your idea to fruition, whether it is a simple renovation or large new development, we are here to service you. From start to finish, we take a hands on approach to achieve your unique goals from concept to completion. We will work, tirelessly, on your project to meet your schedule and budget. Atlas is a highly motivated construction firm focusing on quality, safety, and collaboration to deliver a successful product. Construction is hectic at times, that is why clients entrust Atlas, with their projects, to eliminate the chaos. 


Project Delivery Methods


Atlas Construction Group offers a traditional project

management approach utilizing talented managers

to effectively complete your project on time and on

budget. We will begin work during the design phase 

as a partner to ensure all unforseen risks, not 

captured in design documents, are brought to light. 


A highly collaborative approach, integrated project delivery (IPD) assembles a team at the very earliest stage of a project. Integrated project delivery aligns interests, objectives and practices through a team-based approach. The primary team members include the architect, key technical consultants as well as a general contractor and key subcontractors. The IPD system is a process where all disciplines in a construction project work as one firm, creating faster delivery times, lower costs, no litigation and a more enjoyable process for the entire team – including the owner. Enhanced by technology, we are able to dramatically reduce risk and gain efficiencies for the owner.


Atlas associates are here to help, through their 

combined years in the construction industry they 

are able to offer project efficiencies and best 

practices other contractors can not. Our associates

focus on document and quality control to maintain

your schedule.


Also known as “competitive bid” the design bid build (dbb) process offers a linear timeline to your project where one phase follows the completion of another with no overlap. The design team is selected separately and reports directly to the owner. Plans and specifications are completed by the architect and then bids are issued. Contractors bid the project exactly 
as it is designed with the lowest responsive bidder awarded the work.


In a design-build project, the owner hires a company or team under one contract to deliver the construction project from start to finish. Since the team is responsible for both the design and the construction components, pricing changes are kept to a minimum, and are usually isolated only to those instances where unknown conditions or owner requests necessitate cost increases. Design build is typically used for 
construction projects where the owner has clearly established the requirements prior to design. It can also be an appropriate method when schedule is a concern, as it removes the components of the schedule that would typically be consumed by the bidding and procurement process.


In a CMAR project, the owner selects a “Construction Manager” (CM) who is responsible for building the project. The selection of the CM is made using criteria in addition to the construction cost, such as quality, proven track record, detailed project approach and ability to meet the schedule of the project. In this delivery method the design work and construction work are contracted separately. The selected CM becomes a project team member early on in the project process and, working directly with the owner and the A/E, provides input as the project moves through design into construction. The CM provides input on items such as project budget, construction cost estimating and the overall schedule as well as providing review of design drawings to identify construct-ability issues and potential cost savings. Typically the pricing of the construction is begun early in the design process, and is refined as the design progresses with a final guaranteed maximum price (GMP) provided to the owner prior to beginning of construction. The GMP is typically comprised of a cost-plus-fixed-fee structure, where the actual project costs for labor and materials are passed through to the owner, and the CM charges a fixed fee on top of that amount.


Commercial Roofing

Atlas Construction Group is qualified in the application of all major commercial roofing systems. If you're in the process of constructing a new building, or planning the replacement of an outdated roof on an existing building, we are a phone call away to service your needs! 

Atlas has the capability to either manage your construction project or work with your preferred construction manager, as a subcontractor, to install your roofing system.

Re-Roof: Commercial TPO Roof Assembly Denton, TX


Self Performed Trades

In addition to commercial roofing, Atlas has the capability to self perform other work on your project. We feel this adds value to our service as well as your budget. By self performing work we are able to eliminate added mark-up to your overall project cost. Atlas associates work closely with our highly skilled craftsmen to ensure quality.

We self perform:

  • Framing (Wood / Metal Stud)

  • Gypsum Board / Drywall Installation

  • Painting

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Selective Demolition

  • Commercial Cleaning / Final Cleaning

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