What are just a few things that create the ATLAS Difference? As part of our storm replacement on roofs ATLAS is providing our clients with many NO COST upgrades including:

  • SHINGLE UPGRADE to a thirty (30) year HIGH DEFINITION shingle from one of the most well-known names in asphalt shingles in the world; GAF. (
  • Z-RIDGE - high profile ridge cap shingle. This ridge cap brings more definition to your roof, and is more attractive to the eye.
  • RIDGE VENT Ventilation (when applicable) – Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof. A properly balance attic ventilation system will help to:
  • Remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration.
  • Help prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck.
  • Minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint.
  • Limit the growth of harmful mold.
  • Safeguard your attic possessions against mildew damage.
  • Guard against ice damming in harsh winter climates.
  • Possibly reduce excessive heating and air conditioning costs.
  • ICE AND WATERSHIELD – Add Extra Protection in valleys and at eave and rake edges — the most leak-prone areas of the roof to help ensure a 100% watertight seal.
    • Strongly recommended for chronic problem areas like skylights, dormers, vent pipes, chimneys, and other flashing areas.
    • Protect Your Property...Help prevent wind-driven rain from leaking through the roof deck, or melting ice and snow (caused by ice dams in harsh winter climates) from leaking into property’s interior

In addition to the above NO COST upgrades, if your existing roof has wood shake shingle underlays, in which current city building codes require the removal and addition of sheath decking, ATLAS will upgrade you to radiant barrier decking:

  • RADIANT BARRIER DECKING* - Reduces attic temperatures as much as 40 degrees, thus lowering cooling costs & eliminating the "multi-layer roof surcharge" that many insurance companies add to your premium charges. This is NOT spray on or laminate foil, our radiant film comes bonded from the factory on our decking. (*When applicable.)




ATLAS Construction Group strives to use the highest quality products and workmanship; provide prompt and professional service and competitive pricing, to set a new standard in quality control and achieve a 100% successful "first-time built right" accreditation for every job. We define success as "Total Customer Satisfaction" and are committed to do what is right to ensure that EVERY customer is satisfied and their expectations fully met.